Photography is dead

Photography is dead

I thought I'd waste yet more of mine and hopefully of your valuable time by bringing this blog back from the dead.

The last time I successfully blogged was years ago when I was mad about photography.

But I've changed. Photography for me has all but laid down, feet up, and died. Rest assured - because it's foremost in your mind - that I do, nevertheless, check photo world once in a while.

But there is something else soooo enormous - it's BIG -  that has captured my heart instead. And, since you’re clammering to know I will now give you elaborate, elongated, convoluted and thoroughly embellished blog posts on my new dear topic. It will console you that while photography has died, creativity has not.

It's just that my new topic is faaar more interesting, something every toddler is doing, and it predates just about everything, for heavens sake.... cave people were doing it!

And so now stay tuned, that's an order.

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